New 3D Print Clothes Website

3D Print Clothes

3D Print Shoes

I have recently launched a new website for 3D printing clothes. has two purposes for consumers and designers.

3D Print Clothes for Consumers – This is a place where anyone with a 3D printer, or someone with access to the many local services (makexyz)┬áthat can 3D print items for you, to make their own unique clothes. We use the term clothes loosely, so it might be necklaces, shoes, belt buckles or anything else.

3D Print Clothes for Designers – Talented individuals or organizations that make 3D models for download can distribute their own clothing line through this website. If you give your designs away for free (Creative Commons) or just ask for donations then you can start a shop risk free right now for free. If you want to have a more advanced shop that charges per 3D print or a fixed fee per download then the website also lets you do that for a low monthly charge.


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