Why Do Enterprises Treat “Reporting” Differently Than Apps?

I have been programming sense I was 11 and I’ve been a full-time professional software developer for enterprises sense 2008. From Fortune 500 companies to a number of small software companies, they seem to all treat “reporting” separately from the other software they create.

What I mean by this is the team might have software developers to create a web app or mobile app, but then there will always be a separate “reporting guy” who is responsible for “writing reports”. Shouldn’t “writing reports” really just roll up in to “creating software”.

By the business separating reporting out on its own, it usually ends up giving the “reporting guy” direct access to the DB, their own “report viewer” to render the reports, special tooling and more.

The problem in separating it out is now it’s less likely to abide by the same security practices, the same service-oriented practices or the same reactive web UI as the rest of the app. This also tightly couples “reporting” to what can be done with SQL or against the DB.

I think businesses should reconsider creating a report writer position and just get a software developer and work on making reporting or data analytics as synonymous with the app being provided as possible, instead of something different.


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