The Ultimate Resource is Resourcefulness

The ultimate resource is resourcefulness, not time, money or anything else. If you have the commitment, determination and decisiveness to do something then you can find the people to help you, the money you need and we all get the same amount of time in a day. People that are resourceful can get the other resources they need to achieve what they are determined to ship. The determining factor for success is you, your emotional states and the energy you use to solve problems.

When we fail, the critical factors within our control is not a lack of money, lack of time, lack of technology or lack of any other resource. When we fail the critical factor is how we were not resourceful with what we were given, how we were not determined to get the other resources we needed in an urgent manner and our emotional state attracting help or secluding us. To be resourceful, you have to manage your emotional states. If you are defensive, a negative presence and shutting down at the moment when the energy needs to be stepped up and decisions need to be quickened, then you’re not going to have what you need to succeed.