New Personal Safety App

I have been working with a group of people to create a new personal safety app, ShareALERT. The goal was to help a local community share security and personal safety statuses with local people that care. One of the big challenges with the current state of reporting personal safety, is you do not always know who should know about a risk. The personal safety app is not a replacement for 911, but is meant to connect a community around non-emergency safety information. For example, when walking through urban areas you might want to know the safely travelled routes compared to areas you want to be more cautious. If you see something suspicious along your route you can snap a photo and share the report anonymously. Security professionals or property management in the area can monitor the information to understand risks and threats in their area that might have flown under the radar before.

ShareALERT Personal Safety App

Screenshot of ShareALERT Personal Safety App