New 3D Printer Designs Windows 8 App

3D Printer Designs Windows Store App

3D Printer Designs Windows Store App

3D Printer Designs Windows Store App - Details Screen

3D Printer Designs Windows Store App – Details Screen

I made a new 3D Printer Designs Windows Store app over the weekend using Microsoft Siena (beta). The 3D printing app displays the 30 most recent MakerShop designs in a gallery view. You can click on one of the gallery items to see the details about the 3D printer design and click a button to download it from the website and 3D print it at home or using a service like i.materialize that will mail it to you.

Siena is basically a Windows Store app (Metro app) that makes Windows Store apps. It can pull in data sources like RESTful services and you can quickly data bind them to common UI controls like galleries. You can add buttons that navigate to detail screens or to websites. Siena is still in beta and when it gets to publishing your app, you still have to bring it in to Visual Studio to complete the process, but I foresee that not being the case when it is released. I have heard that the app will be named AppMagic once it is released out of beta.








3D Printing Marketplace

In early 2013 I started the 3D printing marketplace¬† After reading Chris Anderson’s book Makers: The New Industrial Revolution I had a vision of how the world would slowly change over the coming decades, much like the computer had transformed the world. The new frontier adds a lot of potential to transform how designers of things make and distribute usable goods.

For example, the cadence of value was restricted in the traditional manufacturing world to every few months or years. It took a long time to prototype a design, prepare it for manufacture in a foreign country, have it made in a foreign country, transported back to a retail store in the US and finally purchased. You couldn’t do all of that on a weekend. However, it is possible to do that with 3D printing.

A 3D printing marketplace is an online website where you can purchase or download for free the work of designers. Then you can 3D print it at home, in the office or have it printed and mailed to you through a service provider. You can get physical things at the speed of design!