Powerful 3D Printing Entrepreneur Hacks

Your outcome: Design a 3D printer business that leverages the next wave of technical innovation to achieve results at least 10x faster and cheaper for your customers. Are you prepared to take advantage of new opportunities available to 3D printer entrepreneurs today? Are you bundling 3DP with your current offerings, designing viral things and growth hacking your 3D printer business? If you ignore it now, you might be disrupted in the future.

Ways 3D printing can propel existing businesses forward, help entrepreneurs start new businesses and help kids learn better.

  • Want to be creative and make a new block stacking game to teach kids about gravity and weights? Then read about the opportunities to use 3D learning to go beyond e-learning.
  • Want to propel your existing small business forward with 3D printing? Learn how to bundle 3D printing with your current offerings and other strategies.
  • Learn how to launch a 3D printed product. We are still early in this new wave of technology. Like the wave of the web and mobile apps before it, there will be people that only tinker with code and people that transform their lives and the lives of the people around them by launching products that people use every day. This new age lets THINGS go viral. Teens with computers connected to the web could create websites that disrupted established companies in a few years. Now, your physical product company is just as vulnerable as teens design wildly more relevant and social designs and host them on the web for anyone to 3D print. Design over the weekend + 2 weeks on the web = thousands of users in the world of 3D printing.
  • Bootstrap your 3D printer business with a few hundred dollars to find a local 3D printer using MakeXYZ that will 3D print prototypes or small batches for you as orders for your 3D product come in.
  • There are many tools for 3D printer entrepreneurs to get a web page up for hosting 3D printer designs, promoting designs with a blog and more.
  • Learn awesome life hacks to be a better 3D printer entrepreneur. If you want to take your game to the next level you need to recognize when you need to change your assumptions, not just your tactics.

Monetize 3D Printing

Take action, take steps often and use each step to learn and make changes. You will be more prepared than most to take advantage of the 3D printing opportunities available today and in the future.

My 3D printing marketplace MakerShop.co is a great tool for 3D printer entrepreneurs to host and distribute designs, promote designs and connect with fans using the included blog platform. We also regularly post new useful techniques and patterns to help entrepreneurs to succeed.


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