How to Create a 3D Printer Small Business

I wrote a new blog post on MakerShop yesterday on specific ways you can start a 3D printer small business. I’ll describe one of the best examples, the emerging industry of 3D printed marketing collateral. Go read the blog post over at the MakerShop website for more ideas.

3D Printed Marketing Collateral
Some people are scared that 3D scanning and 3D printing will let people steal designs or “pirate” things. I see this in a different light with a lot of opportunity for businesses to add value though. 3D printed collateral can help businesses generate demand for their products and services.

This is a huge practical opportunity for 3D printer designers to get started today!

For example, there is a local hotel that has a famous chess set that was actually used by Napoleon. Instead of “protecting” the chess set from being 3D scanned and put on the web to be downloaded and 3D printed by anyone, they should do this themselves right now. They should pay a 3D printed marketing collateral company to reproduce the chess set as a downloadable design and then give it away free on their website. Promote the fact that anyone can come to the hotel’s website and then 3D print Napoleon’s chess set. This will generate demand for people to stay at the hotel so they can play on the real set. Just like 2D collateral that would feature the chess set in a brochure with text and a picture, a 3D printable piece of collateral would increase awareness and engage the prospect in a new more powerful way. This also lets the hotel control its asset, because once it has posted the design on their website it is not worth it for anyone else to try and “pirate” it.


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