3D-Learning is E-learning + 3D Printing

I wrote a short post on MakerShop.co about 3D-learning and some of what I think will show up in the next 5 to 10 years when you merge the e-learning trend with 3D printers. Ultimately education is about preparing people for the future. E-learning is about training people for the future using computers, the web, information systems and multimedia. The future also has a new physical reality with 3D printing so it is only natural that education will need to focus some attention on preparing students for the 3D printed lifestyle and jobs that will emerge.

3D-learning  can also help parents manage screen time, as some parents think that watching DVDs, playing mobile games and doing homework on the computer can be detrimental to the health of their kids. 3D printing gives kids the interaction they seek as their minds race as they can play with toys they build or browse portfolios of other kids work using their imaginations to assemble and re-assemble battle scenes, puzzles, models, or race cars.


One thought on “3D-Learning is E-learning + 3D Printing

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