Intro to the 3D Printer Website

I’ve been working on a website made just for 3D printer designers so they can distribute their designs, get fans and monetize their designs. The video shares some of how can empower you as a designer to reach more people and make money for your hard work. The website,, gives designers a platform to upload and distribute 3D printer designs, blog to their fans and monetize their designs. is very flexible in that it lets you embed HTML in several spots throughout your online shop. For example, you can post HTML for a video or PayPal button on each design item’s page, in each blog or on the main shop page.

Some of the ways designers can monetize their 3D printable designs are by adding a PayPal Donate button to their site and embedding a YouTube video asking for donations from people that download their designs.

One of the other ways to monetize 3D printer designs is attract a large following of fans that return to your site daily or weekly to check out your new work. Then add Google AdSense ads on your shop and item pages.

Another way is outright selling their designs per download.


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