MakerBot Acts Like a Hardware Company

Fantasgraph 3D printer design

Magical 3D printer designs by Fantasygraph

Bre Pettis in a blog post says that MakerBot is not a hardware company.

I think MakerBot’s business is setup to sell 3D printers, not to support designers. My web site for 3D printer designers had a blog post about this today. Respectfully, I think designs and designers are the magic, while 3D printers are the enabling technology.

Companies like MakerBot have a core business of selling the 3D printing hardware, which is definitely something that’s needed. But when their Thingiverse website forces designers to give away their designs for free, while the owners of Thingiverse sell the MakerBot 3D printing hardware, then it makes me think that their main objective is to gen-up demand for their printers at the expense of designers.


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