Do Not Apply for a Job, Connect With and Extend a Platform

A friend sent me a TechCrunch article After Your Job Is Gone. Instead of looking backward to a previous economy, I think it’s more empowering to look forward to the developing economy. Below are my thoughts.

Today’s successes are mainly platforms for other entrepreneurs, infopreneurs and the like. The successes of today (Twitter, Facebook, 3D printing, robot automation companies) are providing platforms not jobs. This means that people need to look to connecting with and exploiting those platforms to offer value, rather than applying for jobs and exploiting an employer. The classic employee applies for a job in a department in a company. The new job owner is someone who finds a platform, connects with it and extends it. The platform could be a WordPress blog and Amazon Affiliate program. The platform could be the App Store or Windows Store. This is what I have done with my small business, SpiveyWorks. So far I have used the WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn, Windows Phone Marketplace, Windows Store, Windows Azure and web platforms to make apps, promote using blog posts, and make websites.

I definitely think the value is being spread horizontally instead of deep verticals controlled by a company. A huge success today (Twitter, Facebook, etc…) only have a couple of hundred or at most a few thousands employees. GM or GE needed hundreds of thousands of employees when they were successful. This horizontal, long tail, economy means that people have to move into more niches inside of markets I think. Just because it’s a niche does not mean that it has a market, but entrepreneurs need to find a niche inside a market.

JD Meier has a great blog and website. One of the best articles he has on the new economy is 50 Ways NOT To Make Money Online. This list reveals what you need to know to actually make money online, using the web platform, building out a platform using blogs, Twitter and more. But first, you have to change your psychology and toolset. Otherwise, you are going to be applying for jobs that are in ever decreasing availability and miss out on the ever expanding number of platforms.


One thought on “Do Not Apply for a Job, Connect With and Extend a Platform

  1. I agree, and most jobs suck anyway! People are way better off to have their own home based business enterprise!

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