Designing Web Pages for All Devices

I’ve come across a number of websites recently that only let people access some functionality through a hover-menu, which doesn’t work with touch. Sometimes the buttons are too small to work with touch. Even if you do not design a website to scale appropriately from small screens to big screens, I’m a big believer that at the minimum you must allow for users to touch your website. This is especially true for consumption-heavy websites, because people are increasingly using touch devices to access websites meant for consumption. An example of a consumption-heavy website is a news aggregator, online articles, blogs, watching videos and more.

In my 3D printing marketplace website I purposely created the website buttons as squares instead of skinny rectangles. From my experience designing for touch, the square button is the easiest to touch. A square button is also not bad for people using a mouse because it’s a lot like the toolbar buttons in Office 2003 and before.

Some websites, even LinkedIn, implemented infinite scroll. The problem on a touch device is people usually scroll imperfectly. People rely on hitting the boundary to get to the bottom instead of precisely moving there finger and stopping exactly at the bottom. So when there are links in a footer section, it is near impossible to touch them on an infinite scroll interface. Even if the link is accessible elsewhere for people using touch, it makes the interface seem awkward for touch users. When you are wanting to convey a certain feeling for your brand, then an awkward experience is undesirable even if it is functionally suitable with available alternatives.


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