8 Laws of Productivity

Daniel Cooke has created a PDF full of insights into what he calls the 8 Laws of Productivity.

The 8 laws are essentially:
1.Law #1 – Working more than 40 hours a week leads to decreased productivity
2.Law #2 – There is Always a Cost to Crunch
3.Law #3 — Repeat experiments on knowledge workers, not factory workers
4.Law #4 — Teams on overtime feel like they are doing more, but actually accomplish less
5.Law #5 — Productivity is maximized in small teams of 4-8 people
6.Law #6 — Seat People on the Same Team Together in a Closed Team Room
7.Law #7 — Cross-Functional Teams outperform siloed teams
8.Law #8 — Scheduling at 80% produces better products

I can relate to a number of these laws personally. I have worked for companies the past few years that break teams up into silos of functional teams and the productivity costs are big. My best illustration of this is companies that make employees drive 40 minutes to work to all meet at a central office and then they seat all of the programmers together in one section of cubes and all the project managers together down the hall and all the designers down the hall further in their own set of cubes.


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