MakerShop 3D Printer Markerplace Integrates with MakeXYZ

Today I updated MakerShop to have a MakeXYZ button beside the Download button of each 3D printer design page. You can read more about MakeXYZ in this TechCrunch article from today. It basically crowd sources 3D printing so if you do not own a 3D printer, you can have a local in your community print the design for you. It also claims to be cheaper and faster than some of the other big name 3D printing companies.

3D Printed Photo Frames

I just curated some 3D printed photo frames originally from Thingiverse under Creative Commons license and put them in my 3D Printed Photo Frames MakerShop. You can download and print the photo frames on your own 3D printer or use a service like to print the item for you and mail it.

You can create your own MakerShops around 3D printable designs that you care about too. It’s free and there’s a handy page to help you import designs from Thingiverse.


MakerShop – Commerce in the age of Replicators.

What does commerce look like in a world of replicators? MakerShop is a platform to give entrepreneurs a way to answer this question. The platform supports entrepreneurs by letting them start a micro-brand around their effort with a shop and blog. In the shop they can upload 3D printer designs they create themselves or curate from Thingiverse. You can also list physical items or 3D printer hardware to sell. We’re excited to see how people use the platform to help answer the question, what does commerce look like in a world of replicators?