Windows 8 Photo App Tap Collage Update – Handwrite on Photos

Handwrite on photos with Tap Collage Windows 8 app.

Tap Collage Windows 8 app update lets you personalize photos with handwriting.

I believe you should be able to do more with your photos than keep them stashed away in a folder, collecting digital dust. They should be shared and enriched. That’s why the new Tap Collage Windows 8 app update lets you handwrite on photos and print them or share them digitally. Add notes to photos and turn photos into one shareable arrangement. Have fun!

Readying a February Launch for MakerShop

My company, SpiveyWorks, will be releasing the first version of MakerShop TM in February. MakerShop is for Makers, the people who want to be to the physical world what programmers are to the digital world.

  • Release a physical product (3D printed), get feedback from a small group of initial customers and iterate.
  • Open source, share and monetize their creations on an individual basis. Start from a garage and if it’s really good then scale to a factory (factory-as-a-service).
  • Tinker, be an individual and use technology to empower yourself to change the world around you to be the way you want it.

MakerShop – a place for makers to connect

Working on a new site, still in development, to connect with makers. Makers are people that use technology like 3D printers or 3D artists that make designs to be printed that are useful in the real world. They are like the programmers of matter. The point of MakerShop is to give these people one place to get fans, list items, connect through a shop blog and more. People that want to support makers or use their items can buy the physically printed items from the seller or buy the design and print it at home or through a 3D print shop.

Send me an email at michaelspivey[a] or connect with @maker_shop on Twitter if you want to get on the list to be the first notified when the website is ready in a couple of weeks. Pass this along to any makers you may know as well.