MakerShop Website and MVC 4

I’m making a new site meant for Makers to connect with others and market their stuff. On the technical side I’m using MVC 4, which is my first attempt at using MVC for a real project and not just tinkering with it. Previously I made everything using ASP.NET Web Forms and so it took a few hours spread out over a couple of days to warp my brain into MVC mode. After it “clicked” I’ve been implementing functionality in a better programming experience than Web Forms. MVC seems like a more direct concept for making dynamic websites because of the routing semantics that make the URLs readable and the helper methods use this syntax to do a lot of the dynamic work for you, like the ActionLink.

Expanding Profit Margin Through Cloud and Inflation

There’s a neat affect with ad revenues and cloud computing. As long as the web remains competitive in ads and demand doesn’t weaken because of ads in apps instead of ads in web pages, then ads will get more expensive (generating more revenue for website owners) as inflation continues over the years. There will be more dollars chasing eyeballs.

At the same time cloud computing will decrease in price over the years like it has been decreasing in years prior. It’s the opposite cycle of running your own computers which make them more expensive to maintain every year when you figure in the comparative cost of internet access costs rising yearly through Time Warner and power costs generally rising every year (not to mention time and skill costs of basic network and server administration).

What brought this to my attention is every several months Azure (’s cloud provider) increases basic hardware performance and reduces costs at the same time by 12% to 28% each price drop. The value provided by the cloud dramatically increases year over year without me as a website owner doing anything. The cloud is working for me.

It results in an expanding profit margin simply by choosing the cloud platform and letting two patterns that work for me grow year over year. Those patterns are decreasing costs of the cloud at the same time as inflation of ad revenue.

This also works for other revenue stream types as well, not just ads.