My New Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone

I switched service to AT&T and got the new Nokia Lumia 920, a Windows Phone 8 device. Because I’m a Windows Phone developer then it was only natural for me to get another Windows Phone, but I was glad to see my wife who had an Android phone for the past 2 years switched over to Windows Phone tonight as well. She went with the HTC 8x, mainly because it was lighter. AT&T sold out of the Nokia Lumia online and I literally got the last one in the physical store today. Both a TMobile sales rep (my former carrier) and the AT&T sales rep (my new carrier) recommended and were enthusiastic about the Windows Phones they had to offer though. It’s a different feeling than 2 years ago when I got an HTC HD7 and the TMobile sales rep at the time tried to talk me out of a Windows Phone. As a Windows Phone developer of SpiveyWorks apps, it’s good to see the platform being adopted more and more.


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