What Are You Investing In?

JD Meier has a visualization of an investment pattern. How do you invest in your business?

I have been in this pattern before myself and during the dip it takes faith in your work and discipline to work everyday to grow out of the dip. Some people might like the idea or believe in it but not work on it everyday, leaving them in the same long dip 3 years later. It also takes self awareness to know when working in the dip has a chance of paying off or is just a vain attempt. If your attempt to grow isn’t paying off with one investment it might be time to abandon it so you can put the effort into a different investment. I’ve worked hard on some projects and could never get out of the dip, abandoning the effort to jump to a different investment. Even though I had faith and worked every day the market didn’t value it or management didn’t move forward with it.

But if you do this pattern over and over with faith, discipline and self awareness you will eventually grow beyond the dip.

My New Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone

I switched service to AT&T and got the new Nokia Lumia 920, a Windows Phone 8 device. Because I’m a Windows Phone developer then it was only natural for me to get another Windows Phone, but I was glad to see my wife who had an Android phone for the past 2 years switched over to Windows Phone tonight as well. She went with the HTC 8x, mainly because it was lighter. AT&T sold out of the Nokia Lumia online and I literally got the last one in the physical store today. Both a TMobile sales rep (my former carrier) and the AT&T sales rep (my new carrier) recommended and were enthusiastic about the Windows Phones they had to offer though. It’s a different feeling than 2 years ago when I got an HTC HD7 and the TMobile sales rep at the time tried to talk me out of a Windows Phone. As a Windows Phone developer of SpiveyWorks apps, it’s good to see the platform being adopted more and more.