Amazon Cloud Down Again, Windows Azure is More Reliable

Amazon’s cloud is down again, which means that this year Windows Azure has been more reliable than Amazon’s cloud. This fits my theory that while Amazon was innovative at the time for selling it’s excess server capacity that it built from its main business, being a retailer, that is no longer sufficient as the cloud industry matures. Amazon does not own the whole stack of software, has very low margins as a business which is great for price but might make their infrastructure be less reliable than other clouds. Amazon’s main cloud business is selling excess server capacity at real low margins, which you can see if you look at their stock filings. I think this major outage in addition to Amazon’s other major cloud outages this year are showing the result of these factors.

I’ve been running my company’s website on Windows Azure since February and have found the developer experience great, the pricing competitive, but I also picked Azure because of the company, Microsoft. Microsoft is one of the strongest businesses, even if it doesn’t have the coolest products, and this makes me believe that Azure is a platform that will grow with a maturing industry, not just try to undercut everyone on price. I think this recent outage by Amazon shows the value-add of using Microsoft’s Windows Azure.

The Connected Company – Dave Gray

Amazing video of Dave Gray introducing the concepts behind the book The Connected Company. The book opens your eyes to a world we’ve been in for a while and that we’re moving more into. I’ve had experience myself with ineffective companies working in a hierarchy and trying to reduce variation. The Connected Company is about a 21st century company that operates more in a fractal organization, organized by pods and supported by a platform. This means that variation is absorbed rather than stamped out. The key, is that many companies are in a changing world, a world that involves services and not a factory with products. That switch means that service companies introduce the customer into operations. This is different from a factory where everything within the factory is controlled.

There’s also this detailed blog post on The Connected Company.