We Lose a Dollar on Every Deal But Make it Up in Volume

I’ve observed that sometimes people in decision-making positions within small companies will acknowledge that they have decided to do something sub-optimal, a shortcut, less than their best because the business does not have a lot of resources and so they tell themselves that they are saving money. Customers don’t want security or we don’t have the resources to make this critical customer experience the easiest/simplest it can be.

These same people then go on to tell me, “But when we get big and have more resources then we’ll do it the right way.”

Is your company growth strategy based on shortcuts and not doing things the right way? If so, then if the company does grow you’re going to be that much more stuck when the company is bigger. The easiest time to do something right, to not take shortcuts is when your company is small because you have less people depending on you, less expectations and you only have a few people’s habits to change, not thousands of people in a big company culture to change.

If you have to start out cutting corners so you can grow your business, then you don’t have a business.


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