The Value of the Cloud is not Realized by Only Being in the Cloud

I know of a company that was evaluating Microsoft’s Azure platform, but after a major Azure outage earlier in the year they decided to go with Amazon’s cloud platform. Now Amazon just had a major outage in its VA datacenter.

What this has crystallized in my mind is that your strategy should not be to pick a cloud provider that never has outages. More realistic and empowering is to design and build your app for the cloud. If you simply think you are going to save money by taking an existing server app and just putting it on one VM in one data center in the cloud then realize your assuming a lot of risk which is more costly. Instead, taking the time to think through and build the app for the cloud, with cloud economics in mind, knowing your business’s cloud business model and taking advantage of the value the cloud offers like geo-redundancy will reduce costs long term.

Unfortunately, some people think of the cloud as only new marketing spin and don’t understand the system. Others choose to take shortcuts and will respond to each event in a disempowering way and blame the cloud. Professionals that understand the cloud are moving up the stack to big data and other abstractions that assume there is a cloud. If you are not empowering your business to embrace the cloud then your business is not going to be able to offer higher value offerings around big data or other future developments that will assume there is a cloud platform as a starting point.


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