Tap Collage Windows Phone App Downloads Grow 25% in 44 Days

Over on the SpiveyWorks Apps blog there is a new post about Tap Collage for Windows Phone growing from 20,000 app downloads to 25,000 app downloads between June 18, 2012 and July 22, 2012. Tap Collage is currently ranked 33 out of 1371 Windows Phone apps in its category according to WP7AppList.com.

Tap Collage Windows Phone App Downloads

Tap Collage Windows Phone App Downloads


From my experience not knowing what to do is an excuse people give for lack of execution. While not knowing enough may be a legitimate concern, the state of not knowing can be used to not act at all. People claim they don’t know what to do because they don’t have a degree, because they don’t have a report, or because politics is keeping critical and timely information from them and their department. You should continue to improve and get new information and always work to know more. This requires action, to make the changes to know more.

Doing what you know is how people execute and get things done, not by being in a constant state of focusing on not knowing things. Being in a state of motion is better than not doing anything. When in doubt, act. Action is when you truly have made a decision.

Curiosity and Inquiry

In knowledge work and the shift to more flat organizations, it is important that people are curious and work well with people that have questions. Sometimes there is a defensiveness about questions and people will say “That is a different department, so why do you care?”

To be more effective you want individual leadership, you want people to care, you want people to connect and share. If you are limiting curiosity and inquiry because you think it’s wasting knowledge worker time then you are probably stifling what is needed to have breakthroughs and increase producing what matters.

Give a Sense of Urgency to Your Important Work

What’s the difference between urgent and important? The default is to have urgent work, events to respond to, crisis and more. Someone else creates your urgent list. Important work needs ownership and desire. It’s up to you to allocate time and effort to the important work, the game-changing work. Are you staying occupied instead of achieving results on your important list? You have to want it, because no one else is going to make you. Give a sense of urgency to your important work.