The Most Popular Blog Post

I have a small business named SpiveyWorks that makes Windows Phone apps. I blog on about new app releases and things you can accomplish with our apps. The most surprising thing happened when I wrote one blog post about SpiveyWorks focusing on the best few apps. After several months of lackluster views, the blog lit up with readers for this one post. My view is that people want the best. They don’t always want the quickest or the cheapest. People want the best too.

I did want to make sure our loyal customers that used our app were given an alternative, a competitor’s app, so that they could still continue to accomplish what they needed to. In this case, the retired SpiveyWorks app was named Apps On Sale and I redirected its users to competitor AppDeals. I no longer felt that we could remain competitive with this type of app and after looking at the numbers I was not convinced an increased investment in updating the app would be worth the while.

The reason I ended up redirecting SpiveyWorks users to the competitor app after retiring our own app was because I wanted to have the SpiveyWorks customer for life, which meant taking care of them. Our customers will love using other app great apps like Tap Collage which now has over 20,000 downloads.


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