Making College Courses Free Might Make Colleges More Money

There’s a trend with colleges making their lectures free online. Some of the available free online courses are:

If this trend continues and you only have to pay money to take the exams and to get your diploma then this means that colleges will operate mainly for credential purposes. All the sudden some courses become timeless and instead of a teacher giving a lecture twice every day, they record it once and it is viewed for years by students online. If a student learns one body of knowledge and does not need to sit in a classroom for 4 years at each school attended then maybe in the future students will learn from more than one school and take the exams at more than one school. By taking an exam at multiple schools then students will be paying more school exam fees, but the schools will be reducing costs by having courses available online and viewed multiple times. The number of students attending a lecture change from several hundred in an auditorium to thousands via computers. In the future, maybe it will not be uncommon for a person to get multiple degrees from multiple schools all within 4 years.


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