Make InfoGraphics with Tap Collage

If you are into infographics then you might want to edit an existing infographic to “re-cut” it. For example, this might mean take 3 different infographic parts from different infographics and displaying them as one. Tap Collage is a new free online collage maker that does this great. It makes it really simple. You start by choosing a template (like a 3D series of images or overlapping images) and then you choose the 3 or 4 images you want to be in your collage. You don’t have to do the detailed pixel-perfect work of rotating, cropping and resizing. You just simply choose a template and pick an image for each slot and it will create one collage image for you. The resulting image can be saved to your local computer, emailed or posted to Facebook. See the infographic below that I re-cut from its original.

Infographic made using Tap Collage

Source: Pixable - Re-cut using Tap Collage


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