Windows Azure Having Big Problems

A lot of Windows Azure services are inaccessible. I host a Windows Azure web role in the North American datacenter and it’s been completely inaccessible all day. What’s worse is the management site is down too, so I can’t even spin up an instance in another data center to try and get my site back online. See the Azure health monitor at

Understanding the Tablet Opportunity for Alternative Media

Cooper has a new blog post up about the opportunity for alternative media on tablets. The main points I took away from the presentation is that tablets are mainly consumption devices, people that have a tablet spend about 1.5 hours on a tablet a day and the experience is personalized. The cloud provides constant new data and news to the device. Through aggregators and other apps, the tablet is highly personalized to the individual. Tablet apps respect preferences.

The Revolution Will Be Portable from Cooper on Vimeo.

Why Infographic Thinking is the Future

Francesco Franchi has an article about him in Fast Company this past week. The article describes Franchi’s thoughts about infographics and why it’s not just information plus graphics. He sees infographics as a design language that invites the viewer to participate in the interpretation. Infographics are non-linear and offer multiple paths of discovery.

I think this is insightful and adds value to complex systems. Complexity theory and systems thinking are two emerging fields that are also about non-linear thinking, putting the pieces together, and discovering. Work in the 21st century, using the tools of complexity theory, systems thinking and infographics will give us a new way to absorb information that otherwise might add to information overload. I see infographics as a way of absorbing information in a meaningful and contextual way in a way that is not overloading.

Making Collages and Infographics for free online

The modern professional collage has taken the form of infographics. Infographics use imagery to explain or generalize a complex environment. You can make collages online for free using Tap Collage. There’s also a handy guide that shows you how to make a collage in 3 steps.