The App Marketing Formula Book is Now Available for Kindle

The App Marketing Formula is now available for Kindle. It’s a short step-by-step course I created to help other programmers or non-programmers create highly marketable apps. It provides some lessons I learned, including what I dub the Empathy Model. The Empathy Model is the process that helps focus app creators in on one achievable outcome that they can guarantee their customers. Potential customers have goals and if they trust that your app will help them achieve that goal reliably, quicker or better then they will pay $0.99 for it or download it for free and be content with the ads. For example, “Purchase my app for $0.99 and get collages of your mobile phone photos that you can share on Facebook.” The great thing about apps is that they are hyper focused. Desktop apps are monolithic programs that have many features and many ways of accessing the same feature. Mobile apps have been hyper focused on providing one specific thing, like making collages, and doing that one activity very well. This is great for developers, because they can develop these hyper focused programs in a relatively short amount of time and minimal budgets. In time I’m sure the mobile apps will mature and offer tons of features, but because they are newer and because the price tag is smaller, then app creators are comfortable creating an app that only does one thing really well and selling it for $0.99 or giving it away for free and generating revenue through ads. This comes to the second concept in the book, which is what I dub the App Dividend. The app dividend is my way of saying that you want to use your intellectual property to generate recurring revenue for you through ads. If $10,000 lets you buy a stock that will give you an annual 3% dividend, then you will earn you $300 for the year. What if you don’t have $10,000? You can use your computer and free app developer software to make apps that generate a dollar a day for you or $365 annually. Learn more in the book. Once you have the formula then you just have to put in the work and you’ll be making a good amount of recurring revenue in short order.


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