Apple’s iCloud uses Windows Azure behind the scenes

This blog post claims that the people at InfiniteApple┬áhave discovered that iCloud uses Windows Azure Services for hosting data. It also appears to use Amazon’s cloud. Could this mean that iCloud is architected to use multiple cloud providers to decrease the likelyhood that it will ever have a cloud outage?

New Version 1.5 Release of Concept Mapper for Windows Phone 7

Just released version 1.5 of Concept Mapper for Windows Phone 7. It adds support for quick and beautiful preset node styles. These quick styles let you make nodes a vibrant color in seconds for visual impact, or you can stick with plain old black and white. You can also change the size of your canvas to be whatever size you want. Concept Mapper is the best way to quickly create mind maps, hierarchies, meshes, brainstorms and free form notes that you can share as an exported picture using email, picture messaging or uploading to Facebook. You can also follow SpiveyWorks latest updates to this app via @spiveyworks on Twitter.