Snap & Tap Collage for Windows Phone 7

Released Snap & Tap Collage for Windows Phone 7. It comes with 6 built-in templates with graphic placeholders that you tap to select photos from your phone. Snap & Tap Collage lets you quickly take a couple of photos and arrange them in interesting ways. Then export your creation and share it on Facebook, use it as your phone’s wallpaper or email it.

Dynamically Loading .NET Assemblies using Interfaces and Reflection

A friend of mine posted this detailed and great article on how to dynamically load .NET assemblies at run-time to increase the flexibility and scalability of your application

New Concept Mapper App Features for Windows Phone 7

We just added color-text, spell check keyboard features and ability to tap the background to add a mind map node fast in our Concept Mapper app for Windows Phone 7. Using the upgraded version of Concept Mapper you can make mind maps quickly on your Windows Phone 7 device and export them as images to be shared by email, picture message or upload to SharePoint. Make organizational charts, arrange text free-form on a canvas like a poster board, and make relationship meshes when you are brainstorming out of the office or when you are trying to communicate a concept with people back at the office. The new version also has a trial mode so you can try out the app before you purchase it. The only limitation in the trial version is that you have to buy the full version to save the mind maps you create and export them as images. Type in Concept Mapper in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace to try out the app.