Windows Azure Application Patterns

Windows Azure Application Patterns and Windows Azure Application Types are great resources for architects and developers. The One-App-Multiple-Clients application type is one that I forsee using Windows Azure Roles and service-oriented architecture to solve the developer’s problem of supporting multiple devices we use to access cloud-based software increases.

One App Multiple Clients application type

Download Your Windows Azure Service Support Properties

The Windows Azure portal has a new link that lets you download basic information about your Windows Azure service, including things like your subscription number, number of instances, Virtual IP address and more. This is called the Windows Azure Service Support Properties and you can download it by navigating to an instance of your Windows Azure service using the portal and then click the Download Support Information link.

IE9 Beta Released

I downloaded the new IE9 Beta on my Windows 7 machine today. I like it. It has tear off tabs, pinning specific sites to the taskbar, is faster, better standards support, and really maximizes the website space and minimizes the amount of space the browser controls take up. I have noticed a few websites that will need tweaking before they are compatible with IE9 in Beta. For example, in WordPress when I am creating this blog post then I can not click to select text or to put the cursor in a certain position within the text. I do not know if it is a browser issue or a WordPress issue. However, these are some of the reasons to avoid installing IE9 for everyday use and to only use it for evaluation purposes for the time being.

Free Online Notes App for Teachers to Engage Students

SpiveyWorks Notes is a free online notes application built on Microsoft’s Windows Azure, giving teachers the capability to post class content online and engage students during non-school hours. Teachers and students can upload files like PDFs, Excel spreadsheets or embed educational YouTube videos directly in a SpiveyWorks Notes journal. The notes can be saved and shared with select people or widely distributed on social networking sites like Facebook. Students and teachers can even bring the Notes content into their Facebook discussions with the Facebook commenting feature and Share button. If you are a teacher and are using an online notes application like SpiveyWorks Notes to engage students then leave a comment below with a short story of your experience.