Windows Azure Might Cost Less for Your Needs Than You Think

Have you been looking at the price of Windows Azure Compute instances (like the web roles) and feeling like it’s priced higher than GoDaddy or some of the other services you are use to as a small business? The good news is that if you have a basic website with static content then you do not need a Windows Azure Compute instance to host your website on Windows Azure. You can simple use a Windows Azure Storage blob container. If you are not wanting to take advantage of the rich features of ASP.NET then you might benefit from making basic HTML pages and uploading them directly to a public container in a Windows Azure Storage Account in a blob container. I use Cerebrata’s Cloud Storage Studio to manage my Windows Azure Storage accounts. You can upload any file type including HTML web pages, JavaScript, video, images and other content. The files you upload are then accessible from a URL like

I wanted to have a better URL so I purchased a custom domain name and used the domain control panel to create a CNAME record that I linked to my Windows Azure blob URL.

Microsoft’s Windows Azure pricing website lists all of the current offers available. Using a Windows Azure Storage account is priced based on consumption, so the more your website is viewed the more you pay, but you also benefit by paying very little if your website is viewed mildly.


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