Windows Azure Cloud Storage

Windows Azure is new, but a great way to differentiate your skillset. This is a post for developers interested in storing blobs of data on Windows Azure. Windows Azure has an API for storing blobs in the cloud. I will go over the basics of getting setup in this blog post and do a followup post with some sample code to access the blob. First, you will need a storage account in Windows Azure. Following these steps to get started.

  1. Create a Windows Azure account.
  2. Sign in and create your first project through the website.
  3. Click the New Service link and create a Storage Account.

The storage account is programmatically accessible once you have the entry point ( http://[customname]/ ), the Primary Access Key and the account name. Before I tried writing code to access the blob storage I first downloaded the free Cloud Storage Studio so that I could easily browse my storage account. When I started writing code to manipulate the blobs then I would use Cloud Storage Studio to see those changes and know that my code was working correctly.


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