The Freedom of Games

Have you ever played a strategy game with friends? I love to play a real-time strategy game called Age of Empires III. What’s interesting is the freedom with which my friends and I play it. When we’re playing the game we try new strategies, we conquer, and we have fun. Yet, when it comes to our careers we have the constant temptation of being tugged back into timid obedience, afraid to shake things up too much, we find it more difficult to get things accomplished because we might approach things from a cautious, wait-and-see approach. When we play the game everyone jumps in and wants to learn more right away. In our professional careers there’s easy excuses we can play if we want to rationalize our paralysis. An example of paralysis is, “I would have to get a certification before I start doing this.” The most rewarding times in my professional life are when I approach it like the game I love playing, when I’m dynamic, changing strategies, building and conquering. It’s good to have friends that will keep pushing you to play the game, not letting you rest with comfortable routines.


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