What work is worth doing?

The measure of work is the measure of change. If what you are doing is indifferent then it’s not work. Shipping a product, getting it in the hands of customers, changing lives is work. Checking email, reading blogs, attending meetings might be a part of your job but they are not work. If your job is interfering with your work then change it. If your position is interfering with your work then change it.¬†Worthwhile work is where results happen, where things are done, where something meaningful outside of the effort itself is accomplished. An idea that remains in your head only, the thousandth email that you read and moved on to the next one, the meeting that ends with no changes are all things that eat up our valuable time, but effectively don’t change a thing! If you find yourself doing more and more but effectively changing less and less then you’re in an unproductive cycle that is a vein effort. Step outside of your routine, step outside of your worries and change something.


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