Offer Culture

When you’re building a business do you think about the culture you have surrounding what you offer? You might have a product and a corporate culture. Those are things inside your company walls. What’s the culture surrounding your products outside of your walls? If your product or service was a piece of art, not functions and benefits, how do people outside of your company look at it, feel about it and believe in it? It has more to do with symbolic thought inside people than it does in the external functionality of your “thing”. You can hammer a nail with something other than a hammer, but the culture is built around the hammer. A culture is something people contribute to, involve themselves with and share a common belief in. Maybe you can’t calculate culture, but you can participate, attend and observe the culture forming around your products and services. If your next product is going to have more features and benefits but confront a strong culture then your investment should shift from more features and benefits to picking which features and benefits will strengthen the culture. Maybe those other features and benefits you leave out could be a new product that can have its own culture form around it.


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