Who wins? The best or the average?

Who chooses average? When you go to Google and type in a question because you’re looking for something are you going to pick the best search result or the other ones? Each time you try to pick the best result. It’s the same for products and services. You can’t beat Microsoft on the number of features in a software product. You can’t beat open source projects on price. Yet, they are both successful because they’re the best at something people care about.

When I was thinking up SpiveyWorks Notes I knew it had to be something different than just another free online notepad. If I type “free online notepad” into Google I get about 1 million results. If I describe SpiveyWorks Notes as a “free online notepad” how much better can it be than the other online notepads that had years of lead time and that have tens of thousands of users? No one’s going to believe SpiveyWorks Notes is the best free online notepad. It doesn’t show up in the first half million search results, it has 20 users and it’s only been on the market for two weeks. Knowing that the world didn’t need just another online notepad I created SpiveyWorks Notes to be the best at typing notes quickly on your mobile phone with the QuickEntry feature. I made it the best looking online notepad with beautiful themes to choose from.

Is Xwisee another Flash shop talking about elearning? Let’s do a search on Flash elearning on Google. If I type in “Flash elearning” into Google then I get 1.6 million results. If Xwisee describes itself in terms of Flash elearning no one’s going to believe it’s the best. How could it be? Instead, Xwisee is unique because of how it approaches problems with a specific set of principles. 

Instead of thinking of what you’re customer is going to ask, should you be giving the customers the questions to ask, knowing ahead of time that the questions you are supplying will lead to the best answer being your product or service? Why should a customer choose you? Because you’re the best!


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